Testing Laboratory

We have a well – equipped testing laboratory to test all colour fastness properties & dye chemical properties. Technically qualified staff conducts all the above tests with latest spectrophotometer – MACBETH. We conduct tests on fabric according to buyer’s requirement to ensure consistent quality.

  1. Spectro photometer (Xrite-ci7800 2017 updated with latest model.)
  2. H.T.H.P beakar dyeing ( for synthetic fabric)
  3. Roto dyer (for cotton dyeing)
  4. Washing fastness tester (digiwash)
  5. Washing machine (I.F.B)
  6. Electronic crock meter
  7. Ph meter
  8. Accu. Shrinkage tester
  9. Hot plate
  10. Gsm cutter
  11. Prepration heater
  12. Rotery flask shekhar
  13. Hot air oven
  14. Maching box(Xrite CQ Plus 2017 updated with latest model.)

Dyeing Unit

We have been continuously engaged in the dyeing of cotton & synthetic fabric. We have a complete range of dyeing of cotton and synthetic fabric . We are fully equipped with latest imported machinery of fabric dyeing having different dyeing capacities. We use reactive dyes for dyeing purpose, which can give colour fastness up to 500 c to 600 c. We also use high standard dyestuffs to dye Azo free.

Spectro photometer (Xrite-ci7800 2017) updated with latest model.)

Maching box(Xrite CQ Plus 2017 updated with latest model

Sofleema (Fabric Weight Reduction Machine)

Rotary Druming Machine (for polyester)




Gas Sienzing Machine

Continous Merceriser

Jet Dyeing Machines



Hydro Structre

Drying Range

Open Stenter

Hot Air Stenter




Folding Machine

Zero-Zero Finish

Effluent Treatment Plant