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Testing Lab

Testing Lab

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We have a well equipped testing laboratory to test all colour fastness properties & dye chemical properties. Technically  qualified staff conducts all the above testings with latest technology spectrophotometer – MACBETH. We conduct tests on fabric according to buyer’s requirement to ensure consistent quality :

  • Spectro Photometer (Xrite-ci7800 2017 Updated with latest model.)
  • H.T.H.P Beakar Dyeing ( for Synthetic Fabric)
  • Roto Dyer (for Cotton Dyeing)
  • Washing Fastness Tester (Digiwash)
  • Washing Machine (I.F.B)
  • Electronic Crock Meter
  • Ph Meter
  • Accu. Shrinkage Tester
  • Hot Plate
  • Gsm Cutter
  • Prepration Heater
  • Rotery Flask Shekhar
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Maching Box(Xrite CQ Plus 2017 updated with latest model.)

Maching box(Xrite CQ Plus 2017 updated with latest model.)


Spectro photometer (Xrite-ci7800 2017 updated with latest model.)